Once upon a time. Our time. Today…

Welcome to my world. It’s not that different from your own world. In fact it may not be different at all…except that I’m always looking into the darker corners of the room, the neighborhood, people’s hearts, and walking calmly into those places to explore.

It can be a harrowing journey. Not everyone makes it out alive.


Desperate - cover

When a crazed killer stalks and attacks David’s family, the nightmare is just beginning. Because death is only the first step of a plan to rock the very fabric of existence. And only a father desperate to save his family, in whatever way he can, has a chance to stop it. From a master of dark suspense comes a tale of obsession, magic, and a father’s love that will never give up.

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Driven - cover

32 years ago, something evil happened in the small mountain town of Goldrock. Now, summoned back by a mysterious letter writer who knows their darkest secrets, and trapped there by a blizzard that takes out the only access road, four former children of Goldrock will either end the town’s evil, or have it end them.

Summoned like lawyer Nicole Baker, are

– a bottle-blonde single mom who ran out on her kids and can’t tell anyone why;
– a first-year-college nerd with enemies in the town and a dying grandmother; and
– the serial killer who had been working to get his violent impulses under control until he received his letter. Now he has a bloody purpose again and all bets are off.

Welcome to Goldrock. Try not to get dead.

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Mind Games - cover

Welcome to five stories about messing with the minds of people who may or may not deserve it – a psychiatrist who can’t figure out exactly how he’s been made prisoner, a husband and father with a past, a possible sex abuser, a psych major in college, a teenage boy who’s done a horrible thing. They’re each in for a rough ride. Contains “Therapy”, “E-Threats”, “Basement Talk”, and more.

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More Mind Games - cover

Here are 5 more James Kinsak stories, filled with a dark emotional honesty – dealing with the conflicting desires we feel inside for love or money, for different sexual partners, for helping someone vs. protecting ourselves, for staying ethically pure or advancing our career, for hanging on vs. giving up. Plus zombies. What’s not to love? Contains “When I Lay Me Down”, “Floaters”, and more.

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Mind Games Deluxe - cover

Get a full snootful of James Kinsak’s dark and gritty short fiction with the ten stories of his previous two collections, Mind Games and More Mind Games, collected together here in all their sharp-edged glory. From zombies to electronic stalkers, would-be heroes to wannabe coke heads, his characters will force themselves into your head and stake out some permanent territory.

Contains “When I Lay Me Down,” “Therapy,” “Basement Talk,” “Snort,” “The Four-Handed Corpse,” “Easy Time,” “A-Maze-Ment,” “Floaters,” “E-Threats,” and “One Night in Toronto,” plus and foreword and afterword by the author.

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